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Charlottesville rage rooted in white shame

Imperfect Endings:

A Daughter's Story of Love, Loss, and Letting Go

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Op-ed in Newsweek (Sept 26, 2015): The Night I Helped My Mother Die
Zoe FitzGerald Carter, right-to-die author, death with dignity author, assisted suicide author, right-to-die journalist
  Zoe FitzGerald Carter
Zoe Carter’s busy life on the West Coast with her husband and daughters takes an unexpected detour when her glamorous, independent-minded mother, Margaret, decides she wants to “end things.” Tired of living with Parkinson’s disease, Margaret declares she is no longer willing to go where the illness is taking her. Unsure how—or when—she will end her life, she is certain of one thing: she wants her three daughters there when she does it.


"I could quote from the book all day, but instead I’ll just recommend that those intrigued by the subject spend a little time with the ailing but ferocious Margaret and her daughters."
—Paula Span on Imperfect Endings in The New York Times